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Our History Curriculum: Crafting a Journey Through Time

At Wittersham Church of England Primary School, our commitment to a comprehensive, personalised curriculum, intricately threaded with the golden threads of Compare, Reflect, and Discover, extends to all areas of education, including our History curriculum. We have meticulously crafted a bespoke curriculum that underpins our history and the wider curriculum, providing our students with a profound understanding and context that is essential for navigating an ever-changing society and an evolving world.


History is the key to understanding our world, past, and present. As the renowned educator and philosopher, John Dewey, emphasised, "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." Our History curriculum is designed to breathe life into our students' education, connecting them with their past and enabling them to construct their own narratives and understand the present in light of the past.

Through the lens of Compare, we explore diverse historical events and figures, enabling students to appreciate the complexity of historical narratives. We encourage Reflection on the consequences of historical actions and decisions, and we empower students to Discover the power of historical analysis in shaping a more informed, democratic society.


In our History curriculum, we've created a bespoke approach that emphasises active historical enquiry, informed by the educational philosophy of John Dewey. We encourage students to engage in hands-on historical research, primary source analysis, and critical thinking, helping them to develop a deep appreciation for the complexities of history.

Our History classes encourage students to exhibit courage by addressing challenging historical topics and confronting the ambiguities of the past, to take calculated risks in formulating their own historical narratives, and to work together in a spirit of cooperation when analysing the multifaceted issues related to our history.


The impact of our History curriculum extends far beyond the classroom. Students develop a profound understanding of historical events, acquire essential critical thinking skills, and gain a heightened sense of their own roles as active participants in shaping society. They gain not only historical knowledge but also the ability to critically analyse and engage with the complexities of history.

Our History curriculum equips students to navigate our ever-changing society and evolving world, fostering a deep awareness of history's significance in our lives. It contributes to their holistic growth, nurturing not only their historical acumen but also their ability to critically analyse complex historical issues and to engage actively in shaping a more informed, democratic society. It encourages students to be compassionate, courageous, and cooperative as they work together to create a more informed and equitable future, drawing inspiration from the philosophies of John Dewey.

In conclusion, our History curriculum, meticulously crafted to underpin our history and the wider curriculum, embodies our school's commitment to a well-rounded education that includes the golden threads of Compare, Reflect, and Discover. Through this approach, we instil a deep appreciation for history and the values of compassion, courage, and cooperation, which resonate throughout all aspects of our students' lives and prepare them for an evolving world.