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Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education

Our PSHE Curriculum:

At Wittersham Church of England Primary School, our commitment to a comprehensive, personalised curriculum, interwoven with the golden threads of Compare, Reflect, and Discover, extends to all aspects of education, including our Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PSHE) curriculum. We are pleased to utilise the dynamic and engaging Kapow curriculum to guide our students on their journey to becoming well-rounded individuals.



PSHE is the bedrock of personal and social development. The American psychologist, Erik Erikson, emphasised the importance of healthy social and emotional development when he said, "The greatest gift we can give to others is our true presence." Our PSHE curriculum, guided by Kapow, aims to cultivate this presence in our students.

Through the lens of Compare, we explore various life skills and interpersonal dynamics. We promote Reflection on values, relationships, and well-being, and we empower students to Discover their own unique path to personal growth and happiness.



In our PSHE curriculum, inspired by the Kapow curriculum, we foster personal development and well-being through inquiry-based learning and experiential activities. We follow the principles of renowned educational theorist Abraham Maslow, who highlighted the importance of psychological needs, self-actualization, and well-being.

Our PSHE classes encourage students to demonstrate courage by addressing challenging topics and taking steps towards self-improvement, to take calculated risks in a safe environment, and to work together in a spirit of cooperation when discussing sensitive issues and personal experiences.



The impact of our PSHE curriculum, guided by Kapow, extends far beyond the classroom. Students develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them, acquire essential life skills, and build resilience. They not only learn to appreciate the importance of well-being but also become more self-aware, empathetic, and capable of forming positive relationships.

Our PSHE curriculum contributes to a student's holistic growth, nurturing not only their personal and social development but also their emotional intelligence and life skills. It encourages students to be compassionate by understanding the needs of themselves and others, courageous in addressing personal challenges, and cooperative as they share their experiences and support one another.


In conclusion, our PSHE curriculum, guided by Kapow, embodies our school's commitment to a well-rounded education that includes the golden threads of Compare, Reflect, and Discover. Through this approach, we nurture well-rounded individuals who carry the values of compassion, courage, and cooperation into all aspects of their lives, promoting positive well-being and harmonious relationships.